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Heating & Cooling
System Repair

A broken air conditioning or heating unit is no way to go through the year. If your system is completely broken or there is a component that is not functioning as it should, please contact us so that we can come out to your home to identify what the problem is.

We offer emergency services after what’s considered normal working hours. If your air conditioning/heating unit isn’t working and you need someone out right away, we will be happy to send someone out to you. This way you don’t have to be without a working unit through the night or over the weekend if at all possible.

At CAMCOR Heating and Cooling, you get years of experience assisting your every need. We are trained and expierenced with working on all makes and models of AC & Heating units, so there will never be a system that we are unfamiliar with.

Depending upon how significant the repair is, we will provide you with an estimate to correct the issue as well as a price to replace the entire unit. All systems have a finite lifespan and we want to ensure that you are making the most cost-effective decisions for your home.

When you want cool air or need heat, you shouldn’t have to wait. We are standing by, waiting to take care of the issues that are plaguing your HVAC system. Call us today to get your air back to working.

Heating & Cooling
New Installation

We will take care of your AC/Heating unit installation without any problems. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you to handle the installation as well as discuss with you the maintenance of the machine as well as how to operate the new thermostats that go with the installation.

Every unit works a little bit differently. Regardless of the make or model, we will take care of the installation. This includes proper installation, sealing all aspects of the system and checking on the duct work. Should you need new duct work, we can replace or install that while we are out at the same time.

We will use the utmost care inside your home. We will remove the current unit if there is one in place and dispose of it properly. We will then install the new system and test it to make sure that it is functioning properly. Then, based on your specifications, we will program the system to your desired temperature settings.

Whether you ordered a technologically advanced thermostat or chose the basic one that the system came with, We won’t leave until you’re comfortable with how it works. This will ensure that you know how to adjust the temperatures, program functions for when you leave the house and even understand the alarms and warnings that may show up on the screen indicating that the system needs service or you need to change a filter.

Cool/warm air is in your future with AC/Heating unit installation. We can assist every step of the way. From choosing the system to install to the installation and even a service contract to ensure it continues to operate like new for a long time, you need a great company to install your unit for you.

Carpentry & Maintenance

While we specialize in Heating and Cooling, we also offer a varitey of general carpentry and maintenance services to fit your needs.


Every home owner will have home repair or home improvement projects at some point — both interior and exterior. CAMCOR Heating and Cooling provides complete “handyman”  services:  The bathrooms needs updating; The garbage disposal needs to be replaced, etc. With today’s busy lifestyles, who has the time or the patience to do it all yourself? Let the CAMCOR team help your home run more smoothly with a wide range of affordable repair, improvement and remodeling services. Give us your list—no job is too big or too small—and save yourself time and money.

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